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About Us



You can create your bike!

You have the opportunity to build a bike with the parts you want. You can configure your bike on our website.


The best quality.

We use only original products from renowned manufacturers. We employ only well-known technology which you can fully trust because it is reliable.


Unique design.

In consequence of our flexibility, you can choose the components according to your taste. Therefore you create unique and exceptional equipment. 

Moreover we follow the latest technologies.


The history of Sintesi company reach far back to the last century. Company launched an Italian family from Bologna. Initially they focused on the sale of motorcycles and spare parts. Since 1966 appeard bikes in the product range. And so began new history.

The year 1991 is crucial. Europe begins know new trends in cycling. Of course, it's just about mountain bikes that changed the point of view of cycling!

MTB becomes not just another discipline, MTB is a lifestyle!

The phenomenom deeply inspired young Massimo. He assumed company sintesi. He transferred construction motorcycles knowledge on the production of bicycles. In this way he created legendary downhill bike "special bazooka" with revolutionary construction. Corrado Herin as a first Italian in history is the world cup winner on this bike.

Sintesi has DNA to competition in the blood! On Sintesi bikes rode known names as for examle Daniele Pontoni - cyclocross world champion, which took incredible struggles with further legends, Thomas Frischnecht and Henrik Djernis.

After Daniele Pontoni to Sintesi came great riders like Mirco Pirazzoli and Dario Aquaroli - XCO world champion. After his rich sports career he started working with the construction of new Sintesi models.

New Sintesi FLU 29er Carbon platform is created. That moves limits for MTB. All "Small Bicycle" benefits are applied successfully to the new 29er standard. Perfect driving, speeding and weight below 8kg are the advantages Sintesi FLU.

Globalization does not ignore also cycling industry and therefore SINTESI "Perform" all production to Asia. The company focuses on higher grades of bicycles made of carbon materials. The main goal is reducing the end product road directly to the client. Sintesi launches flrxible, small scale production of carbon frames. Now traders may decide how their Sintesi will look, because they exactly know what design and accessories prefers clients...

Latest Sintesi collection based on 327 and 328 models.

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